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For the past 4 months we have been working hard to get ANTHYM incorporated. This has finally been acheived and we are now working on the next phase of ANTHYM. Which will be working …

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Jessica Mauboy – The Day Before I Met You

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February 2015


DIRECTOR Nick Waterman

PRODUCER James Saunders

MUSIC Jessica Mauboy


RECORD LABEL Sony Music Australia


Set against the backdrop of the astonishing tropical beauty of Darwin and the vibrant culture of its local community, ‘The Day before I Met You’ depicts Jessica Mauboy …

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Mopoke Media Launches!

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Mopoke Media officially launched today! After months of planning and preparation, and with the help of many, I’m delighted to say we’re up and running. And we’re already busy! We’ve got some cool things happening, …

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